Movie Box Setup

This page is to guide you through setting up moviebox pro

Setup Steps

Read the following steps. These will help you to set up movie box pro for you customers.

Step 1

Create a new gmail for each customer. This will be the email used to set up the movie box account. Keep track of it and which customer it belongs to.

Step 2

Follow the steps below to send an invite code from your personal movie box account to the gmail account you created in step 1.

Send Invite Code To Gmail Account

Click on the menu button and select “invite code”

Click “invite code” on the top left to generate

Click “create” then “share” to copy the code

Paste the code in the body of an email and send to the gmail you created in step 1.

Login to gmail with the new account you created in step 1. Then click the link you sent.

Once this screen appears click login with google. Should be the account you created.

Once logged in click the menu button and select “VIP” this is where you will pay $35 for 1 year

On the right side click on the “renew” button which takes you to the plan page

Select the “12 month plan” then right under the “family plan” then IG vault for the payment option

Enter payment details to pay then you are done. (Use a cash app card because most bank will decline)

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