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Who wants to make money by selling IPTV Service, we provide 2000 live & local channels.

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Why choose ALS IPTV Reseller?

We provider IPTV services to over 5000 customers and more than 20 Resellers around the world.

Uncapped Income

This is your business. Set your own prices. The more subscribers you have the more you make.

2000+ Channels

We offer many high quality sports channels, FHD, HD, 1080p, 720p.

Live TV

Content will be updated regulary. You will see all channels live just like any other provider.

How It Works

You will receive a back office panel to manage and track your customers, a website, flyer and 20 free credits. The credits are used to create and extend your customer accounts. . You have the power to run your business any way you want and charge whatever price you want to your customers.

Credits are $3 each. Each account takes 1 credit. Each customer account can have 3 connections.

Ex. 1 account that will take 1 credits. Your cost is $3. If you charge $25/month your profit is $22. If you have 200 customers thats $4,400 a month profit.

Website cost is $30/month
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